Crushing on Rayon - what a backstory!

Crushing on Rayon - what a backstory!

I've fallen in love with rayon for its lightweight floatiness. 

But before I committed to using it, I wanted to find out where it comes from.  And there's a really interesting backstory to rayon.

Way back in the 1860s the French silk trade was in imminent danger of collapse because of a silkworn disease.  The French government enlisted the services of noted chemists Louis Pasteur (yes, the same Louis Pasteur who discovered multiple vaccines and pasteurization) and Count Hillier de Chardonnet who worked tirelessly to save this vital industry.

Together they discovered they could create an artifical silk using fibre from cellulose (woodpulp and cotton linters.)

For many years this fabric was called "artificial" or "imitation" silk.

It wasn't until 1925 that it was re-named rayon.  

So, I'm happy to use rayon ... it's one of the good guys - a blend of natural fibres. It's cool and swishy and flowing.  It has better heat retention and breathability than silk and it is definitely easier to care for.

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Interesting article on the history of rayon 😊

Vera Maljevac

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