Sizing Guidelines

Getting your size right is THE most important thing to do before ordering a Kingston Dressmaking garment - because we want the best fit possible first time around! 

Each garment is individually sized on its product page, i.e. I have taken a tape measure to each and every piece and measured it all the way around (none of this "pit to pit" business). 

Quite a few of our garments are over-sized and the exact finished measurements are listed on the product page.  If you need ANY assistance at all, please give us a holler on the chatline.  

Let’s talk about “ease”

Also known as movement ease, wearing ease is a small amount of extra room added to a person's three basic body measurements — bust, waist and hip — to allow for movement. It's a must unless you plan on staying perfectly still while wearing your garment.   

So when you measure yourself, give yourself a little bit of “wiggle room”, by adding 5cm to both the bust and hip measurements, and 3cm to your waistline.

How to measure yourself

Grab yourself a fabric tape measure, and then …

  • Bust: Place tape measure around the LARGEST part of bust.  

  • Waist: Place tape measure around the SMALLEST part of your waist. 

  • Hip: Place measuring tape around the WIDEST part of your hip – usually 7” (18cm) from waistline.  

  • Length: Place tape measure at back of neck (nape) and measure down to hem. (for length measurement its easier to measure the garment laying flat on ground rather than with it on)