About Me

I'm Deb from Kingston Dressmaking and this little business is my baby.

I started it in 2017 with the idea of making clothing for women just like me - a little older, looking for something to wear that was contemporary, comfortable, looked good, made me feel great, and made from fabulous fabric - either vintage or new.

It's Kingston Dressmaking's core belief that every woman has the right to find fashion that reflects her unique personality, enhances her body shape, and gives her confidence knowing she looks great!  

I work from my home studio in Melbourne designing, drafting, cutting and sewing every single garment on my old-work-horse Berninas.  I can assure you that the studio seldom looks like this ... there's usually chaos everywhere!

Each Kingston Dressmaking garment is part of a very small run or, more often, a one-of-a-kind, frequently in fabulous vintage fabrics, and as often as possible the fabric will be from Australian production houses.