About Our Garments

It starts with an idea, a design, in my head.  I think about it, and sleep with it (and dream about it).  Sometimes it becomes a clear design idea; sometimes it just fades away as being unsuitable. 

But every time, I think about how you would wear it.  How does it move, does it work with other pieces in your wardrobe, will it be sustainable, will it last and give you value. Is it elegant?  Will you look fabulous!

The patterns are made.  They are tested to make sure they work.  

I'll look at the fabric in my studio.  All these pieces of beauty that have been collected over the years.  Some are vintage (love, love, love), some sourced from op shops, some from overseas travel, some from local drapers here in Melbourne, while some are from Spotlight! 

All are good quality fabrics that breath and are kind to your skin.  They are washed, put through the dryer (pre-shrunk), and ironed before they end up in the studio. If they don't look good after that first process, they are passed on for other uses. No fussy fusspot fabrics for me (or you!).

Then the making begins.  Each garment is carefully and patiently crafted.  I line up the stripes, I match the checks.  There are no shortcuts. Only timeless garments that you will wear time and time again.  Every dress tells a story.